Nice to meet you! I'm Makenna.

One of my favorite activities growing up in the coastal town of Half Moon Bay was bringing a sketchpad and hot chocolate to the beach on foggy days, which led to my love of art and the ocean. This love took me to Santa Barbara, where I studied and later worked in marine biology research. 

My block prints are largely inspired by tide-pool critters and majestic kelp forests, my hometown's rolling hills and farmland, and moody gloomy (and sometimes spooky) fog-inspired designs. 

I love connecting with fellow artists, ocean lovers, and everyone in between! Please contact me at makennacolucci@gmail.com for comments, questions, concerns. 

What is block printing?

Block printing is the process of carving into a material (wood, linoleum, or rubber to name a few) then using ink to transfer the design to a second material such as fabric or paper.